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About Your Hypnotherapist

Darren Marks Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

Darren Marks is an experienced London and Hertfordshire based hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. He trained hypnotherapists in private classes at Kings College for more than a decade and worked as a hypnotherapist for The South East Cancer Help Centre for many years where he was invited to demonstrate his hypnotherapy skills for The Prince of Wales during a visit to the centre.

He is a member of The General Hypnotherapy Register who have awarded him the Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice. He is also a member of The NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners and a featured therapist of The Hypnotherapy Association.Darren is a certified hypnosis instructor for the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists.

Over the years Darrens hypnotherapy work has been documented in both the specialist as well as popular media. He practises at 7 Adam Street, just off the Strand in Central London and is a founding partner of The Natural Gateway Clinic in Elstree, Borehamwood (near St Albans and Watford) in Hertfordshire.

Darren has written and supervised the production of the hypnotherapy recordings and hypnosis mp3 CD downloads on this website. If you are interested in visiting him for live one to one sessions click here to visit his practice website. 



Why did you become a hypnotherapist?


I became a hypnotherapist due to my interest in how the mind works. I've always been interested in meditation and in ritual and religion and all of these things which influence how we think and how we feel. When I was a little boy, my father gave me a book by a hypnotist called Ralph Slater; he was a very famous stage hypnotist at the time and I was absolutely fascinated by how this man was able to help people reduce pain and do seemingly incredible things. In fact as a youngster, I remember reading from the back of this book, his instructions of how to hypnotize people and practicing on my friends. So that's it really, it started at a very young age, but it was only much later on that I ended up developing and learning hypnotherapy seriously.

Do you need any particular life experiences to be a hypnotherapist?


I think it's important that you are passionate about your work if you want to become a hypnotherapist. I think whatever field of work you go into, if you have passion, then you're going to be able to do that work well, to the best of your ability. So, there's not specific life experiences which I would recommend that you have in order to be a hypnotherapist. I can only tell you my own personal experiences, and that when I was studying to be a hypnotherapist, towards the end of my training, my mother was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer, and anybody who's experienced a close family member becoming ill in that way will know that often family members feel useless; they don't know what to do when somebody close to them is in that situation. I found myself automatically using the new skills I'd been learning as a hypnotherapist with her, to help her to relax, to build up her confidence, to help her get through the treatment. She found enormous benefit from the hypnotherapy, and it was in that moment, in that experience that I realized that the training and the experience that I'd had learning to be a hypnotherapist was like gold dust, and I could use it to help many people, and hypnotherapy for cancer patients ended up being my speciality for many years. I volunteered to work as a hypnotherapist in a cancer support center, they ended up offering me a paid job, because they were so pleased with the hypnotherapy work, and it was because my heart was really in it. So, certainly whatever it is that you do, I would recommend that it's something that you feel passionate about.




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