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How to get the most out of the recordings

You can listen to our hypnosis recordings at anytime except when driving, operating machinery, or when something else requires your full attention. For the majority of our recordings repetition is the key to success. Hypnotic suggestions are much more likely to be accepted by the unconscious mind when listened to many times. Please watch ourvideos explaining hypnosis for more details.

We recommend you listen once a day for at least the first two weeks or until you have achieved the result you required. After this you can listen to the hypnosis session whenever you feel the wish or need to. All of our recordings are designed to work in isolation as well as in combination. Below is an explanation of how Darren would combine techniques and processes for maximum effect. We would advise you to focus on one issue at a time. For example we would not recommend that you focus on losing weight and stopping smoking at the same time but succeed in one area first before moving onto the next.

If you fall asleep whilst listening, this will certainly not do you any harm, and can be a wonderful way to fall asleep, our sleep deeply recording is actually designed for you to fall asleep to and many of our recordings have "without wake up" options which means the recording fades out rather tahn deliberately emerges you.

It is not unusual for someone to drift into a deeply relaxed state when listening to a recording and only become consciously aware of what is being said when being counted back to wakefulness by the hypnotherapist. Direct suggestions will still be absorbed by the unconscious mind even if you drift off. However many recordings contain processes and techniques which need your active participation and focus in order to gain the full benefit.

We strongly recommend you listen to our hypnosis sessions using headphones. Not only does this help you to focus better and block external sounds to a great extent, but there are also man yeffects built into the sessions which would not work as well if played though speakers.

Hypnosis is a skill which improves with practise, and like all other skills some people find it easier than others. However, if you focus your attention on getting the most out of each session, then that is what you will achieve. Stay motivated, listen often, and you are bound to experience success.

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