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Hypnosis CD and MP3 Downloads - Reviews & Testimonials

Our new system now allows customers to post reviews of their purchases on the product page. Below is a small selection of the many reviews and messages previously sent to us:


“I was aware of more clarity, better mental organisation and breaking with past thought processes in a very easy and effortless way. I'm amazed that remote hypnotherapy can be so successful.” 

Jane Feinmann, Award Winning Medical Journalist 


“After just 2 sessions I felt a definite shift in my well being and sense of self worth which has stayed with me since. I’m impressed with the quality, integrity, confident delivery and “believability” of your recordings - keep up the good work. “ 

Matthew Calder, Musician & Composer 

john-wright.jpg“In just two hours, I was able to significantly undo a phobia about public speaking that was holding back my career…. I can now be relaxed even at a big presentational meeting." 
Jon Wright, Film Director 

After listening to the CD, I feel relaxed and recharged. I feel more energetic the day after. Your voice and the music are very pleasant and the length is just right too. .. This CD is definitely better (than others tried) and I will use it again and again when I feel the need of recharge.


I have been using the mp3s (Super Charge Self Esteem, Relax & Recharge, Access Inner Power, Focus & Concentration) and now think and feel, healthier and happier, eager to do my best. Putting myself on first priority has shifted my entire home into a lovely and welcoming safe haven. Thank you. 
Eugenia Solis, Texas USA 

The recording to energise and for confidence was brilliant - the sound effects really knocked me out.
Paul Banks, UK 

Dear Darren
I found the hypnosis recording very helpful and after 3 or 4 sessions I had overcome my problem.. Very successful.. And it has given me a lot more confidence as a result..
Greg, New Zealand 

Dear Darren Marks,
I would just like to say a quick thank you for your help in curing me of my phobia. I feel so much more confident and relaxed when put into that sort of situation. I still use the cds you gave me and find them really relaxing- even my boyfriend loves them- and I will always recommend you to anyone needing hypnotherapy:)
Thanks again,
Collette O'Driscoll:)

Hello Darren
Re the insomnia - I've now had 2 blissful nights sleep and look almost human. Last night I even fell asleep before the end of the recording. Fantastic

Hi Darren
Just some feedback for you... I am so pleased with the way I am feeling now, it is just amazing to have control again. When people have offered me chocolate and sweets I find it effortlessly easy to say no thank you, I don't even want to eat it and I don't miss it and I have stopped snacking between meals and late at night - it's just amazing how it stopped over night. Thank you!
Warm regards,

Hello Darren,
Just wanted to send you a short note of thanks. Today I am one year free from cigarettes. I have joined a gym and taken up yoga and pilates. Feeling happier and healthier then I have in a long time.
Many Thanks,
Maria Madden 

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